How to buy Netbook?

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The latest addition to the electronic gadgets is the Netbooks. These Netbooks are laptops that are designed for the user to surf the internet. They are small and light weight. They weigh less than a kilo. These are the best laptops that you can use while you are on the move. They have larger battery life and almost last for 4-5 hours. Some special batteries almost last for 8-10 hours. These are the ideal on the move laptops. They are being used by businessmen and students. All that these Netbooks miss is a DVD drive. You really don’t need a DVD drive when you are on the move. These laptops come with the Intel Atom processor. This is the latest light weight processor that doesn’t take much of a battery and has speeds up to 1.2 GHz to 1.6 GHz.

These Netbooks have become more famous after the success of the Acer Netbook, Asus Netbook, HP Netbook, Dell Netbook, Toshiba Netbook, Samsung Netbook, MSI Netbook, Sony Netbook and  Lenovo Netbook. These companies were the first to launch the Netbook commercially and they have enjoyed runaway success in the market share. Acer Netbook is the largest selling Netbook and the company has become the world’s No.1 manufacturer of the Netbooks. These Netbooks are also ideal for students who need to take the laptop to their classes. With the burden of class text books the load of a laptop may be more for a student. Under such conditions the best answer is the Netbook.

To buy a Netbook you first of all need to see what you are expecting from the product. You surely can’t use the Netbook for gaming. So you need to see where you are going to use the product so that you can zero on a model in the market. Mostly people use the net books to give presentations and prepare them. They are also used to surf the internet and do the online work. So if you have just basic requirements you can go for a 1.2 GHz processor and 1 GB RAM with a hard disk capacity of 160 GB. This should serve the purpose.

However if you want a bit more from the Netbook you may want to purchase the one that has 1.6 GHz processor and 2 GB RAM and 250 GB HDD. This may cost a bit more but serves the purpose. These Netbooks don’t come with carry bags and just come with pouch. So you may want to purchase a backpack for the Netbook. You may also want to purchase an external DVD drive because the Netbook does not have one. This may be useful when you want to watch movies and copy data to your DVDs. These external drives are available at nominal rates.

The most important thing to see before you purchase is the Netbook specifications. Choose based on the needs that you may have and don’t use the programmes that don’t run on Netbooks. This is because these Netbooks can’t take much load and you also should not multitask on these Netbooks. If you want to have a laptop that is portable and lasts for long battery hours you need a Netbook.

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